Having an ERP system is not a luxury but a necessity.
It is a must for survival in this competitive world.

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Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the best appearance of the inseparability of business and information technology. ERP can help business enterprises achieve a competitive benefit by integrating all business processes and optimizing available resources. Typically, ERP systems include, Financials, Supply Chain Management (Procurement, Inventory and Stores Management, Sales and Distribution, etc.), Manufacturing, Plant Maintenance, Human Capital Management (Human Resources, Payroll, Benevolent Funds, etc.), Project Management Systems, which work with each other in an integrated systems environment. It is not possible to think of an ERP system without a difficult information technology infrastructure.

Incremental development in information technology and strong reduction in prices of computers has made it possible even for small-to-medium size organizations to implement ERP solutions. Our experienced ERP consultants provide implementation support for leading ERPs. In addition we provide ERP supervision support that entails quality assurance and advisory services to clients where third party ERP implementers are engaged.

• Human Capital Management
• Accounting Management
• Inventory Management
• Project Management